Call of Duty: Osama’s Cave

On May 2nd Osama Bin Laden finally ended the world’s longest game of hide and seek. I joke however yesterday he was shot and killed in Pakistan, this is both a major blow to Al Qaeda and the Taliban that support them. but I’m not here to talk about the Taliban, I’m here to talk about how the media and entertainment industry use these situations to their advantage.
Think about it how many documentaries have you seen about WWII, or how many films were made about 9/11. The media, often badly, use these awful situations to make money.
How long do you think it will be before we are playing shoot Bin Laden, or before the real time footage of him being killed is found and put on youtube. ( Wiki Leaks this is not a challenge.) The footage of Saddam Hussain being hung has been seen by millions around the world, will Bin laden’s killing be next on youtube?

Royal Wedding Vertigo

Tomorrow is the big day, no I am not talking about the start of the weekend but as most of you know the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Fun…
Now don’t get me wrong I’m quite a big supporter of the Royal family, being British myself, but it has gotten to the stage now where someone has to say enough. Preferably not Kate though, that could be awkward. The sheer amount of press coverage on this is unbelievable, it’s like we’ve found aliens or superman has come to Earth. I mean they’ve even made a god damn movie, with a really cheesy voice over, and tag lines like ‘against all odds.’
Plus the amount of pressure on this 2 people must be unbearable, Kate probably know each photographer’s kids names, the amount of time they spend ‘together.’
I’m not criticising the Royal family in any way, all I want people to do is just to take a step back and chill out. It’s just a wedding.

Blag your blog

As I sit here reading all the hundreds of thousands of different blogs that word press has to offer I’m overcome by a feeling of well, pointlessness. Blogs have the power to market your product, express your, (sometimes ridiculous) views and to meet new people, and yet so many blogs are dedicated to useless pointless endeavours. Why not spend your time writing about something you care about, something actually worthwhile instead of trying to blag your way to 1000 views a day, by trying to write something scandalous or (not) funny. No body cares whether you just ate an apple, how about you spend your time trying to do something useful, writing about something that is actually important in the grand scheme of things.
Because lets face it, do you really think people are more concerned about your day at the mall, than the conflict in Libya. Plus more importantly you useless bloggers are leaving everyone else with really crap user names! Crazymano, do you really think that’s what I had in mind?!
My name is crazymano, and I say “pointless blogger be gone’