Call of Duty: Osama’s Cave

On May 2nd Osama Bin Laden finally ended the world’s longest game of hide and seek. I joke however yesterday he was shot and killed in Pakistan, this is both a major blow to Al Qaeda and the Taliban that support them. but I’m not here to talk about the Taliban, I’m here to talk about how the media and entertainment industry use these situations to their advantage.
Think about it how many documentaries have you seen about WWII, or how many films were made about 9/11. The media, often badly, use these awful situations to make money.
How long do you think it will be before we are playing shoot Bin Laden, or before the real time footage of him being killed is found and put on youtube. ( Wiki Leaks this is not a challenge.) The footage of Saddam Hussain being hung has been seen by millions around the world, will Bin laden’s killing be next on youtube?