Royal Wedding Vertigo

Tomorrow is the big day, no I am not talking about the start of the weekend but as most of you know the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Fun…
Now don’t get me wrong I’m quite a big supporter of the Royal family, being British myself, but it has gotten to the stage now where someone has to say enough. Preferably not Kate though, that could be awkward. The sheer amount of press coverage on this is unbelievable, it’s like we’ve found aliens or superman has come to Earth. I mean they’ve even made a god damn movie, with a really cheesy voice over, and tag lines like ‘against all odds.’
Plus the amount of pressure on this 2 people must be unbearable, Kate probably know each photographer’s kids names, the amount of time they spend ‘together.’
I’m not criticising the Royal family in any way, all I want people to do is just to take a step back and chill out. It’s just a wedding.